How To Choose A Holiday Park For Your Family Vacation

Holiday parks are the ideal vacation destination for your family. They have a wide range of amenities to ensure the whole family has a memorable experience. Read this extract for some tips on how to choose a holiday park.  Family Friendliness When travelling with your family, you must assess whether the holiday park is friendly for your kids. For instance, one with night concerts could have a lot of noise. You should also check internet reviews to know the reputation of the park.

Should You Book a Separate Motel Room for Your Teenagers?

If you're about to book a stay in a motel and you're taking your teenagers with you, then you may not be sure whether you'll all get along in one room. While staying together in a family room worked well when your kids were younger, you're conscious that this may not be such a good idea now. Your teenagers simply take up a lot more space now. They also want more privacy and may be uncomfortable staying in the same room as their parents.


Motel accommodation services have become increasingly popular over the years. This has been particularly advantageous to those traveling to a particular area, attending business meetings or on vacation. Factors to consider when choosing a hotel or motel Budget Budgeting on how much you are willing to spend on accommodation is one of the important factors to consider. Most motels and hotels charge according to how long your stay will be and the services you'll be utilising.

Staying in a Long-Term Accommodation? Here's What They Have And What You Need to Bring Along!

One of the big advantages of long-term accommodations is usually the amenities. Whilst each long-term accommodation is different, you can usually expect a long-term accommodation to have more home-like benefits than other types of accommodations. There may be variations based upon whether it's a budget rental accommodation or a luxury long-term accommodation, but the following will tell you a few things that you can usually expect whilst staying in a long-term rental.

5 Tips For a More Enjoyable Motel Stay

Travelling for work or leisure is something we may have to do at some point. For most travellers, motels are the most popular option for accommodation. While the motel will work to provide a good experience, there are some things you can do to guarantee a memorable time there. Here are a few tips for a more enjoyable stay. •    Befriend the Staff Being friendly with the hotel staff is an easy way to leverage human interaction to make your motel experience more enjoyable.