Should You Book a Separate Motel Room for Your Teenagers?

If you're about to book a stay in a motel and you're taking your teenagers with you, then you may not be sure whether you'll all get along in one room. While staying together in a family room worked well when your kids were younger, you're conscious that this may not be such a good idea now.

Your teenagers simply take up a lot more space now. They also want more privacy and may be uncomfortable staying in the same room as their parents. You may feel the same way.

However, you may worry about safety if you book separate rooms, especially if your children are on the younger end of the teenage scale. How can you make separate rooms work for you?

Look for Interconnected Rooms

Some motels have rooms that have a connecting door to another room. They may offer the two rooms as a package for large families or those that want some privacy.

This can be an ideal solution. Both you and your children get your own rooms and your own space. If one of you wants more privacy, you can simply shut the connecting door. However, this door doesn't have to be locked. You'll be able to keep an eye on your kids without looking too overprotective.

In some cases, motels may not offer interconnected family room deals. However, the motel may have a couple of rooms that have a door between them that isn't usually used.

So, it's worth asking if this is an option. Explain that you're staying with teenagers who you want to keep an eye on. The motel may be happy to give you a key to the connecting door so that you can use both rooms as a family.

Ask for Adjoining Rooms

If the motel you want to book doesn't have interconnected room deals and can't help you out that way, then booking adjoining rooms may be your best option. This way you're next door to your kids if they need you or if anything happens.

While motels will do what they can to put groups together, they might not be able to organise rooms next to each other if they have a lot of bookings. In this case, you may have to settle for rooms on the same floor.

Talk to motel managers or owners if you do need a separate room for your kids. They'll help you find the best solution.