5 Tips For a More Enjoyable Motel Stay

Travelling for work or leisure is something we may have to do at some point. For most travellers, motels are the most popular option for accommodation. While the motel will work to provide a good experience, there are some things you can do to guarantee a memorable time there. Here are a few tips for a more enjoyable stay.

•    Befriend the Staff

Being friendly with the hotel staff is an easy way to leverage human interaction to make your motel experience more enjoyable. Learn their names and when interacting with them call them and address them with respect. Inquire, in an appropriate manner, about how their day is and make them feel appreciated. As you relate cordially with the staff, they will strive to make your stay as comfortable as they can.

•    Give Your Pet a Treat

Many hotels that allow pets in a bid to differentiate themselves will offer complimentary pet services. Let your beloved companion be taken for a walk by a professional as you relax. High end hotels that accommodate pets will offer pet play areas or even massages to make your stay more memorable.

•    Stock Up on Snacks

 While staying in a motel you may end up craving the odd midnight snack. Without any ready alternatives, you may be forced to use the expensive hotel minibar for a drink or mini fridge for a bite. Buy your favourite snack or drink on your way to your room to satiate the cravings when they strike without breaking the bank.

•    Inspect Your Room Before Unpacking

Once you arrive, take a few minutes to look around and inspect your accommodation space. If there are issues that require the staff's intervention, they can be dealt with as you settle in. You will spare yourself the experience of having to contend with problems once you have unpacked, relaxed and are looking forward to some recreation only to face disappointment.

•    Carry Your Entertainment

When travelling to a foreign country consider carrying your favourite book or loading up your tablet with a show or two. While on-demand entertainment is now standard, you can't guarantee that you will get what you enjoy on arrival.


Travelling can be more enjoyable when you have various amenities at your disposal. Carry some snacks and entertainment for convenience. Befriend the staff for better service delivery and always check your room before setting in to avoid disappointment later.